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4 Ways To Stick To A Healthy Diet

Starting a new diet and actually sticking with it is much easier said than done. Even the concept of dieting is becoming more and more outdated as eating healthy should be a lifestyle and not a period of time wherein you deny yourself the food you want both in terms of quantity and proportion. Here are four ways to help you commit and stay committed to your healthy, clean-eating lifestyle. 

Write Down Your Recipes

Just because you know a recipe by heart does not mean that you will not forget it one day. As you age you may notice a decrease in your memory, and the more you add to your mental repertoire of recipes, the more likely you are to forget that really yummy dish you only made two or three times! Start logging your recipes so that you can have something to turn back to if ever you are in need of inspiration but not in the mood to follow a new dinner recipe. 

Try Different Cuisines

One of the reasons people often give up on their diet is because they find themselves eating the same meals over and over again, day in and day out. To keep yourself from getting bored of this routine, get some cookbooks that have recipes from around the world! Break the monotony by having a Chinese dish one night, a Jamaican dish one night and a Moroccan dish another night! This will keep you interested in your meals and food prep all the while making you eat healthy and try new things.

Dine Out If You Want To

Just because you are striving to eat healthily does not mean that you cannot enjoy going out to a restaurant. There are more and more clean-eating options on menus these days. The trick, however, is to not go to restaurants that are known for their junk food and expect to find something slightly healthy on their menu. When you eat out, choose restaurants that use quality ingredients to create well-rounded dishes. 

Improvise A Bit

Writing down your recipes will also give you the opportunity to improvise once you feel like you have mastered a few dishes. The ability to replace and add to your dishes will not only personalize the experience for yourself and/or those you are cooking for but it gives you the freedom to use even healthier alternatives if there are any. For example, if a recipe calls for whole milk or heavy cream, you can just as easily add a plant-based milk and have an even healthier meal! 

By using these tips, you will be able to enjoy your “diet” all the while finding ways to renew it and your interest in the food you are preparing. 

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