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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Adhesives Technology Corporation

Adhesives Technology Corporation is considered to be one of the leading industries in adhesives related and construction. They possess the broadest selection in terms of materials and also a great system for packaging. They are also the largest among the epoxy manufacturers. Their products do have a private label too.

Now let us take a look into how does adhesives industries are this popular!

Adhesives are the materials with the property to stick to other surfaces permanently. Yes, it acts as a permanent glue and has a wide range of applications on the industrial level. When it comes to modern technology, adhesives have developed into the fields of nanotechnology and biomimetic adhesives. There are mainly two different types of adhesives. These are hardened when they are undergone drying. There are polymer dispersion ones and solvent-based adhesives.

Advantages Of Adhesives

  • The stress across a joint is efficiently distributed.
  • The mechanical process can be made cost-effective.
  • In the design based it has greater flexibility on the usage of adhesives
  • It has more advantages over binding techniques like welding and sewing.

While some of the disadvantages of the adhesives are 

  • The heat and high temperature deteriorate the stability of adhesives.
  • It is not possible to bond two surfaces that have a different area of coverage.
  • While testing, it isn’t easy to separate these bonded materials.

The adhesives depend upon the surface covered of the material to be bonded. It is either applied to both the materials or to any one of these materials. The quality of adhesive mainly depends on its effectiveness to hold for a long time. So that here, the surface energy of the substrate might be higher when compared to the adhesives. Yes, the strength that these adhesives provide mainly depends on the surface energy it has. The higher the surface energy is, the higher the strength of the adhesives will have!

Factors For Failure Of Adhesive Bonds

Some physical stress can make the bond weak. And the sunlight and heat could weaken the adhesive. Few solvents can dissolve adhesives. Thus that is how it leads to the failure of adhesive bonds. The common failures that occur mostly are adhesive fracture and cohesive fracture.

In the course period of development in technology, the usage and demand of adhesives have increased tremendously. The development of many countries like China and India will bring a large target market for adhesives out in the world.

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