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Is It Possible To Live Off The Grid During The Pandemic?

 Today, many people live in the urban jungle, where everything can be easily handed out to us. While there’s no problem in enjoying the comfort and security that large buildings, bustling restaurants, and the familiarity of our own home can give to us, we still need to have some time to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a view of the forest or setting your foot on grass instead of hard concrete. 

For many individuals, living off the grid might seem like an out-of-this-world idea, especially when all the conveniences and “fun” are situated in urban centers. But you’ll find that living off the grid is one of the most exciting things that you can do. Sometimes, the best thing that you need is a bit of catharsis by hiking or even living off the grid for a few months to a year. 

In the face of a public health crisis that most countries are currently dealing with, most families and individuals have taken to living in the countryside and remote areas. Not only will this ensure the safety of most family members since the population density is low, but it’s also a fresh new way of looking at life. 

Most people don’t necessarily have to “go missing” and live completely detached from civilization since that can have dangerous notions when you and your family are at the mercy of the wild. 

But how do you sustainably live off the grid? Why should you live off the grid? We’ll be answering some questions that most people have been scratching their heads for. 

Why Should You Live Off The Grid?

Well, there’s plenty of reasons why you should live off the grid. Here are some reasons why you should start living off the grid:

Free from urban centers – One of the most practical reasons you should get out from cities and other heavily populated areas is that most cases of COVID-19 usually spread through densely-packed public areas. When you’re by yourself and a far cry from civilization, it’s going to be hard to get infected. 

Fresh Air – Most people opt to start living off the grid when they’re tired of the pollution in heavily urbanized areas. You don’t have to commit to living outside the bounds of civilization. We all have our reasons for living a simple and wholesome life. Sometimes, all you need is to breathe some fresh air in serenity. 

What You’ll Need

When you’re living off the grid, here are some essentials:

Sustainable Power Source

You will need to have a sustainable and constant source of power. When you’re living off the grid, you are essentially living off the power grid, especially when you’re in a remote area with little to no human contact. If this is the case, the elements of nature will be your best friend. 

Even if you’re living in a remote area, you will still need lights, good ventilation, and heating to ensure that your home is properly maintained. But for most of these aspects to work, you will need to have a steady power source.

Your power source will depend on what’s readily available in your area. But no one can deny that one of the most popular ways of getting power is by harnessing the sun’s power through solar panels. Not only will this be able to power up electrical appliances easily, but this can keep your home lit and heated throughout the day. Although, you might need to have solar batteries that can store energy for night-time use.

Don’t worry; if you’re having some trouble installing solar panels or repairing them, there are solar panel services that you can help you. Having professionals properly install your solar panels can help ensure that they are properly working while mitigating any electrical issues that might happen in the future.


While the elements will have the resources that you’ll need, you’ll still need to ensure your safety against predators, rain, and cold temperatures by having a roof over your head. You don’t necessarily have to get fancy with your shelter. 

Although, if you’re planning on staying in a particularly remote area that you can legally call your property, there’s no hurt in taking the time and the money when you’re making your own vacation home or small cottage. Still, it’s important not to delay the construction process as snow and rain might seem into nooks and crannies, which can deal damage to your structures.

Some modern nomads would use trailer trucks to get to remote areas. Not only will you have the luxury of just going to any remote that you want, but you can also save from having to spend time and effort in building your own vacation home. 

Steady Source of Food 

A part of living off the grid is being able to live by yourself. You might want to consider tilling a small patch of land and planting crops and vegetables that’s just enough for your own needs. 

If you’re not too keen on growing your own food or that there’s no steady source of food in your area, you might want to stock up on food with a good shelf life that’s already good for your stay there. If you’re living close to a town, you can always visit there a few times a month for necessary supplies. 

There are practically endless ways of how you should live off the grid. Ultimately, living off the grid lets go of the worldly material values that we prize so much in the modern jungle and start sustainably appreciating nature’s beauty. Sometimes, the best thing that we can do for ourselves is appreciating the small things in life.

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