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Modell’s tapping Kronos mobile tech to enhance user experience

The Kronos Inc. Workforce/Dimensions cloud site, a mobile solution, is now being used by Modell’s Sporting Goods in order to enhance their employee experience and increase engagement by employees. The retailer is 130 years into the business and owns over 150 stores across the nation. They believe that this technology will empower each employee from the associate level to field leaders, and will optimize productivity as well as motivation to better the customer experience.

A press release has stated that understanding the flexibility and work/life balance is key to recruiting and retaining the best talent. Kronos Task Management is built to aid associates in prioritizing actionable tasks and customer needs from the available devices. Then, strategic labour insights and task data from the gadget will be used to better inform scheduling and forecasting while transparency and streamlining of execution will take the lead.

Modell employees can now complete their actions from any device which has the technology installed, which allows picking up or swapping of shifts, leave scheduling, clocking in and out of shifts and support ticket submissions,

Jim Argerakis, Senior Vice President of Operations said in the press release that it is critical to the business that an associate is made to feel engaged and inspired when they come to work. Modell has built a workforce that connects with the targeted audience and understand their requirements, and so must be retained.

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