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Moving Your Data Securely

Your business is in the midst of expanding and you have decided to relocate to a bigger office space, but you are unsure about the data that is being stored on the hard-drive: can it be erased or backed-up, in the event that the relocation does not go according to plan? In the case of in-house software that stores data only in the software (or hard disk) itself, things can get precarious if the relocation is not done properly and the data is lost.

Relocating your data

Before doing any packing or removal of physical assets, consider doing an office data backup first. By doing so, you will have a peace of mind, knowing that all of your information is secure and safe. Most companies will engage a data relocation company to handle the laborious process of backing up the required data, unplugging and packing of the hardware, the transportation process, unpacking process, and finally, the setting up process.

Setting up of all the equipment

After the relocation of your equipment and data centre, you are often given the choice of setting it up yourself or having the company set it up for you. Having the company set it up for you allows your staff to align their priority on more important tasks. With their expertise in setting up the equipment quickly, the productivity of the employees would not be compromised and work can start as soon as possible. Their service could include: unboxing and disposal of packaging, setup and configuration, testing of equipment, and even removal and recycling old products.

The implications of not doing it properly

On another note, be cautious if the relocation is not done properly. Implications such as a breach of data security, data loss, or even a loss of data-bearing hardware can happen. In some cases (depending on your country’s regulations), you can even be fined for it. In the event that you are planning to relocate the entire data/equipment by yourself, ensure that your employees are equipped with the knowledge to store the data properly before packing, and then setting it up and accessing it again in the new location.

Choosing the right company

A company that specialises in data relocation should offer these services (but not limited to): data backup and recovery, project survey and risk assessment, tracking all hardware and assets (for security purposes), careful transportation of data cabinets (if any), on-site disposal of data and erasure, etc. The company should also be accredited with the appropriate certifications (ISO, ADISA, CHAS, etc.) from governing authorities, and their staff should be well-versed in the procedures that follow.

In a business-to-business approach, one should consider the aspect of corporate social responsibility. When selecting a company for your relocation needs, consider any assets that you have for disposal, and what is the company going to do with them. It would be preferred if they recycle the unused and old hardware. Some would even offer you discounts and cash rebates on your unwanted assets. Make sure your data is wiped out completely as you do not want to leak out your company’s data accidentally. To complete the procedure, go for a mobile hard drive shredding to ensure all data is erased completely.

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