Modern technology gives us many things.

News Writers

When Wild Web Tech works on stories, our entire team involves itself in the process, fine tuning and perfecting the content until it matches a level of technical and specific facts, reality-based argumentation on the happenings, and many different aspects of technology related newsworthy of reaching your fingertips! Meet our Team.

Bruce Logan
Founder & Writer (Latest Tech News)

Bruce is the founder and creator of Wild Web Tech. Under his tutelage, the digital blog has risen from one high to another, breaking all glass ceilings in its way. Not only does he fulfill the role of a supportive boss to the team, but also maintains a column for documenting the latest business transactions or innovations in the technological sector. He has worked as a journalist for a top news portal.

Roger Knoll
Writer- Mobile Tech

Mobile phones, smartphones, and other cellular devices have gained momentum only in the last two decades and it has been enough to completely revolutionize the functionality of a human being. Roger writes in this important subject, covering the latest news which arrives in the market relating to phones. He enjoys coding as well and wants to develop the app for Wild Web Tech.

John Caballero
Writer- Gadgets

Ever wondered who it was that prepared that well-written article you read about the latest gadgets should be purchased and which can be given a pass? John is the force behind these articles and makes it quite clear as to what gadgets to deserve a place in your home or not! He is a gold medalist in Computer Science from a Top University.

Daniel Chestnut
Writer- Android/ iOS

The operating systems that dominate the world market, i.e. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, both have been coming out with updates and advancements. Daniel is the wonderful and impeccable writer for this section and makes sure that all the content on the blog is easy to understand even for a regular customer! He has also worked as a Full Stack Developer earlier.