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Online Reputation Management For Lawyers

It is becoming more and more important for lawyers to have a strong presence online. If they are not on the internet, then it is going to make it increasingly more difficult for potential clients to find them and go into business with them. So, a good lawyer is going to take his or her time to make sure their online presence is professional. approachable, and shows off their legal skills, credentials, and the knowledge as they have. They more than likely also include what they specialize in which helps to narrow down their niche and advertise towards a certain targeted group of people.

Now, they need to have a strong online presence to be able to work efficiently, but that also means that they are going to have more risks. They will have a lot of mazes to go through and need to have a total understanding of every platform they use such as social and publishing platforms, and other various outlets. This is a huge task that it can quickly get overwhelming and impossibly large, but there are some easy tips a lawyer or law firm can take to help manage their online presence and make the task a little easier on them.

Be Careful About Review Websites

Potential clients can hear about you from a number of sources, but chances are that they are not going to use your services until they get some real life reviews from precious clients. So, they will more than likely take to online review sites like LinkedIn, Avvo, Yelp, Yahoo, Google Business, and more to get a feel for how you treat your clients and how well you do your job. Lawyers need to pay close attention to their sites to make sure their reviews stay high potential clients will not see anything of concern.

Ask for client feedback

As a lawyer, the best time to get some positive feedback about your services is when you request it from a satisfied client immediately after their case. You can request their feedback and have them go to a certain site which can track their feedback and let you know what is being said about you a little easier. Tools like Mention or TalkWalker are some of the best to keep track of these comments about you and your law office.

Show off your positive reviews

there is a number of ways to boost your ratings, and showing off or augmenting your positive reviews is one way to do that. One way to have better lawyer reputation management is to add good reviews to your website and then linking your website name to your Google page.

Make negative reviews a little more harmless

No matter how good of a lawyer you are or how many cases you win, you are going to end up getting a negative review here and there. The best thing to do when these come up is to know how to manage your negative reviews. There are a few ways you can do this. The first way would be to regularly search you and your law firm’s names so that you can more easily gauge what your clients see first when they search for you. Then, when you do find a bad review do not tell your side of what happened as it only adds fuel to the fire. If you do respond to the negative comments, apologize profusely for their experience. And finally, counteract the bad reviews by getting positive feedback on those same sites.

Give good service

The best way to avoid negative reviews and get mostly positive feedback is by doing the best job that you can and providing the best representation that you can.

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