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Spotify Stations iOS App Gains CarPlay Support

To standalone Stations app Spotify has added CarPlay support which will allow users to control playback from their in-car dashboards and infotainment systems.

The app released in June in the U.S. and it allows the account holders of Spotify to stream music from curated, radio like stations. In that way, Spotify Stations has resemblance Pandora, providing personalized stations as well as playlists which are based on the Spotify history of the user.

As soon as you launch the app, music starts playing and then you can select from a list of various preset stations. Such as in Spotify proper, the premium subscribers acquire unlimited skips ad-free listening, whereas non-paying users can use free of charge ad-supported version which is available with limited skips.

Apart from the personalized content, from the main Spotify platform, the Stations app also provides popular playlists including Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Favorites. Station is a without charge download for iPad and iPhone available from the App Store.

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