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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid At The Time Of Building A Website

Irrespective of the type of industry that you are in, a website gives you the view into your existing business. Having a website has become a trend for businesses all over the world. A website is an essential need of any business. It is a platform for a business to reach millions of people all across the globe easily.

Research has made it clear that there is a wide range of mistakes that organizations and business owners make. Learning about them will prevent you from making these mistakes again at the time of creation of your website.

Non-responsive website

If your website fails to adjust on it’s own due to size of smartphone, desktop, laptop monitors, and tablets, people will drive away from your website and move to another one. Non-responsive websites have a forty-percentage bounce rate. Metapress is a popular and fast paced digital company that offers remarkable website setup services to its customers.

Your website is very slow to get loaded

This figure can amaze you, but half of your site visitors will discard a site that fails to load in just three seconds. If the website is slow to operate, then it will lose traffic. Increasing the speed of a website can be as easy by compressing website images, selecting a quicker web host and uninstall any useless plugins.

No headline

It is necessary for a website to have a headline that describes your website properly. It is required that your website has an unbelievable headline. Visitors give a lot of importance to headline as a way to determine whether to read it or not. So, ensure that the headline is not just believable but also catchy.

Unreadable or illegible

Readability impacts the amount of web content that will be read by the website audience. So, it becomes important that any digital content present on the website is quick and easy to read. As it is a little slow to read digital text than print text, it is important to use easy to read Arial and Helvetica fonts with proper text size and line spacing.

Poor navigation and menus

Avoid listing more than 7 links on the navigation menus. It is advisable to keep just a single navigation menu on your website.


So, these are some of the top mistakes that you should avoid at the time of building your website.

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