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What Exactly Is A Pivot Table? Here’s A Quick Overview!

Managing business data on spreadsheets can be a hard and tough job, especially because the collected data needs to be relevant and readable for analysis and other purposes. That’s exactly where pivot tables can be handy. In this post, we are discussing more on what is a pivot table and various benefits related to it.

The basics

In simple words, a pivot table is a tool that helps in summarizing data, and it is typically a part of many business software solutions. When you have large volumes of data to be managed on Microsoft Excel, this can be a handy tool and can help the management, especially data analyzers, in gathering meaningful information and conclusions. Rows can be converted into columns, and vice versa, and most of the tasks with pivot tables can be done in real time.

Advantages at a glance

All pivot tables are user-friendly, so anyone who is managing or trying to gather conclusions and information from data can do it easily. Secondly, this kind of programming tool helps managers in creating data instantly, especially when a software has ‘one click’ solutions. Of course, pivot tables are more useful for data analysis more than anything else. Users can drag and drop data to make the tables more useful and interactive, especially for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are hard to manage. Sorting and summarizing data are two most important factions of a pivot table, and it helps the management in achieving many things, including forecasting. If you are using pivot tables, you can actually save considerable time that’s otherwise spent on presentations, and reports can be created easily in clicks for further use.

Other things to know

If you want to make the most of pivot tables, select a software that guides on the process. The software should be easy to use and must explain how this tool can be used effectively to gather meaningful information. Ideally, even if some fields are left empty, you should be able to create pivot tables without any error. For businesses, information and data are the biggest resources, and if utilized rightly, this could be the ideal way to make the most of data analytics.

There are many guides online on how pivot tables can be used more effectively, so check for details, and select a software that allows you to manage data better with this option, with help at every step.

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