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Improving your Product Packaging to Give your Customers the Best Unboxing Experience

If you own an e-commerce business, you should know that the experience of your customers is changed and packaging plays a significant role in this. The first interaction your customer has with their order from your store is usually the packaging.

As story sharing is continuing to dominate online, it is not surprising that customers will share their experience every time they open products they order from you. Such videos are usually live streamed or shared on social websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Because of this, you want to ensure your customers always have a good unboxing experience. You don’t want the world to see your customers in frustrations because of your packaging. So how exactly can you succeed with unboxing? Here are some awesome ways:

Ensure the Product is Undamaged

In terms of customer experience, the most significant factor is getting a box that is not damaged. You will especially make this a priority if you have customers who compare your business with your competitors. Defective packaging will push you out of the gates behind other options. As video sharing is on the rise, you don’t want a possible customer to see a damaged product as this could automatically mean damaged contents. Thus, make sure you invest in protective packaging. A custom packaging manufacturer should be able to give you the solution that best suits your needs.

Be Creative

In physical stores, a product’s packaging should communicate major selling factors to capture attention and stand out from other products on the shelf. This includes the use of the best sales pitches. With your e-commerce store, the selling points tend to be redundant following the purchase. It is best to replace eye-catching sales phrases with creative tips and other product information which will help your customers after they have bought your product.

Improve Camera Appeal

Camera appeal in unboxing is the influence the experience has on other people to buy the product. These people can be the viewers of the unboxing video made by your customer. You want to show to them that your packaging is easy to use and open, durable, appealing, and recyclable. Also, think about having packaging with secondary uses to increase the appeal of your product. For instance, consider giving containers that your customers can reuse for another purpose. If you are worried that your customers’ videos might not be working for you due to your packaging, you should consult with a packaging specialist.

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