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Rotary systems and its use in the military


Rotary systems which can be popularly known as a rotary machine switching system was first built in Europe in the early 1900s in Europe. It was considered to be a type of telephone exchange system. We can see its function in various telephoning companies in America. Take, for example, the American telephone and telegraph company (AT&T) was considered a secondary of the international western electric which was built in Belgium.

The panel and rotary systems are considered to be two completely different systems; however, they apply sophisticated technologies to their machines like the application of the Lorimer system used in reverting pulse and preselection and the newest western electric relays. There was about 200 station assigned to the rotary system, compared to the panel system that was assigned 500 stations.

The technology behind the rotary system

The initial 1st and 2nd linefinders were used by the rotary systems. A scenario where a customer decides to make a call, it is left to these linefinders to drive until someone picked the customer call. Customers’ calls were switched to different groups until reaching the final sector. A test was implemented when the company decided to use two group selection for locally made calls which can hold 2000 lines and would later move to the three group stage if the number of calls went above 2000 to at least 4000 lines.

Compared to the panel system, which was created in the United States, the rotary systems were created in Belgium, Europe. It was created in the Bell telephone factory, the main use of the rotary systems was selected for the Netherlands, and the manufacturing stage was interrupted by the invasion of the Germans.

Rotary union projects for the army

The rotary system in the army has merged hydraulic rotary union, which is the assembly of the slip ring in the mine, the resistance preservation, and armored vehicles. The use of the armored vehicle surpasses the vehicles used for the protection of mines. The rotary system in the army designed a two passage rotary union which gives fracking to the vehicle called the “Stryker,” gun systems, and turret systems. Rotary systems are also used for numbering systems on their websites, which gathers the number of rotary union and slip rings, with the development of the rotary numbering system the recognition number might change, but the system will be the same.

Rotary systems in naval technology

Recently, rotary systems are the manufacturer of rotary unions and slip rings all over the world. The rotary system gives provision of products to defense, nuclear weapons, armored cars, etc.

Current rotary union projects in the US Navy

The Rotary systems created a new rotary union that can provide a cooling system for various aircraft, especially the X-47B. The aircraft is an unmanned independent aircraft which helps in additional surveillance for the United States naval ships. The rotary system is also created a two passage rotary union that reduces the amount of heat provided by the weaponry on the naval ships. The cooling is done when there is strong weapon firing.

Electric slip rings for standard and customized solutions

When rotary systems started designing and implementing slip rings to finish the rotary union line, it became the inventive leader in manufacturing. It was the first organization to provide the slip rings as the single source for gathering. The moment the request for the electrical slip rings grew, the rotary systems began to create a new set of slip rings to contain the various size, weight, and applications used.

Background of the company

Since the development of the rotary systems, it has been globally recognized as the leading industry in the design and manufacturing of quality electrical slip rings and rotary unions. Since they are great innovators, the rotary system became an alpha company to start manufacturing slip rings.

Rotary unions for customized and standard solutions

Rotary systems provide customized solutions for specific applications and new moderation for quality designs. There are over 1,000 different rotary unions in our present day. The rotary systems developed various numbers of seals and passage that can help utilize materials which could vary from aluminum that weighs about 20oz to Hastelloy that weighs about 2 tons.

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